What the Hell is an Adult Cake Smash?

In my ten plus years as a photographer, I’ve been extremely lucky to get to work with all kinds of amazing human beings. As you’d expect, every couple is different from the next. Some are all about the PDA, some are all about keeping it sweet and romantic, and some people… well, some people are just downright hysterical!

Meet Cyrus and Taylor, two of the most perfectly matched people I’ve worked with in a really long time. Cyrus contacted me via my website inquiring about a Birthday Photo Shoot for his girlfriend. He also mentioned that this would be a complete surprise! I asked him if he had ever heard of an "Adult Cake Smash Photo Session" and sent him a few examples from Google. Right away, he was on board! This was officially the sweetest, most creative thing I have ever seen someone give as a gift!

So what exactly is an Adult Cake Smash?

It is a super fun photo shoot that most people consider doing for their one year old! But why should the kids have all of the fun? What better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than to wear a tutu and eat cake?

WHAT TO WEAR: Where whatever you want! I have several tutus, but if there is a particular color you would like, feel free to bring it along and I will coordinate my props around you! I also have tiaras!

WHAT ABOUT THE CAKE: Don't worry! I have that covered as well! Just let me know what your favorite flavor is and will bring it with me!

CAN SOMEONE ELSE BE IN THE PHOTOS WITH ME: Of course! However, I will have to limit the extra number of people to two.

DO I HAVE TO MAKE A MESS: Absolutely not! It's your birthday! You can be as messy or clean as you like!

WHERE SHOULD I HAVE MY SESSION: I will come to you! Outdoor sessions always look great, but sometimes the weather does not cooperate. Wherever you feel comfortable is where I will go.

I hope you enjoy these photos from Taylor's Adult Cake Smash Session as much as I did! Happy Birthday Taylor!

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