• 90 min to 2 hour on location session for babies 2 weeks old or younger. Siblings and Parents welcome.



  • 45 to 60 studio or on location session

  • 34-38 weeks. Siblings and Partner welcome


       FRESH 48: $200

  • Session takes place in the comfort of your hospital room within the first 48 hours of birth. Photos of Mom and Baby leaving the hospital can also be arranged. Parents must make arrangements with hospital staff for Photographer to be present. 

  • Includes travel within the Augusta and Columbia areas.

      CAKE SMASH: $150

If you are expecting, please contact me soon so that you can discuss this exclusive package. 

Newborn Session Prep

            It’s helpful to have a hair dryer or something for white noise

to help put the baby at ease. 


          For family pictures, please have a couple of dark-colored shirts on hand

(they don’t neessarily have to be black,

just dark enough to provide a good backdrop for the baby).


We’ll do most of the shots without clothes,

since most outfits tend to visually overwhelm newborns in pictures.

If you do have a special outfit

I recommend keeping it to just one as babies tend to get cranky during outfit changes.

I always use a beanbag for newborn shoots,

so I’ll bring this along with a couple of clean blankets.

If you have any blankets on hand that you think might work well or any props you want to incorporate, please let me know.



Don’t worry if your home is messy!!!! Most newborn photos are taken using a very small amount of space. For wider shots, such as the baby’s nursery, I’ll help you rearrange furniture (if necessary) to minimize visual clutter.

If your baby normally falls asleep after a feeding, wait to feed him/her until the session.


Please take off your baby’s diaper a little before the session so any diaper lines have time to disappear.

An hour before the session, please turn the house temperature up to 85 degrees.

A good rule of thumb is if you’re hot, the baby is at a good temperature (they’ll be more sleepy and easy to pose this way).


Newborn portrait sessions can last longer than regular sessions as we have no idea how they will be feeling that day, so be prepared to spend anywhere from 1-3 hours at your session.



And lastly, I never rush newborn sessions; I clear my schedule to allow for the feedings, diaper changes, and mood swings that can occur.

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