Welcome to Chole Allen Photography! Thank you so much for visiting! I am here to help you in any way I can. 


I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend with a unique gift for finding that split second where chaos meets beauty. My only wish is to give you a permanent memory of your family's wonderful magic.



There is no such thing as a perfect photo, or a perfect family. There is beauty in the chaos, love in the real moment and I celebrate the real, imperfectness that makes every family so unique through great photography.


I starting my career taking pictures of my handsome sons and sharing their photos . But it was not until my Dad (a wedding and event photographer, himself) encouraged me to start taking my photography more seriously that I decided to this venture. 

Chole' Allen in a nutshell: I am -

*married to my best friend; 

*mother to 4 handsome, genius boys;

*Active duty soldier and Drill Sergeant in the greatest Army in the World;

*Life long runner and photographer.

I consider it an honor to be able to capture such precious and intimate moments with you and your family. I look forward to meeting your family and creating memories to last a lifetime.

FAQ About Your Photo Session:
How long is a session?
The average family, boudoir, engagement and Senior/Graduation photo sessions last anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. I am normally having so much fun, I lose track of time! 
However, newborn sessions run a little longer. What is important for newborn sessions is the comfort of the baby. I have no problem taking breaks for feedings and snuggle time!
How much is the session fee?
The standard session fee is $50 and is included in each rate.
How long does it take for me to see my proofs after my session?
Your photo gallery will be ready to view within 14 days. I will send you an email with a link for you to view and select which photos you would like to have printed.
What happens if it rains...or we get sick?
Please call as soon as possible to reschedule for illnesses and bad weather. 
When are you available?
Traditionally, I am available after 6:30pm on weekdays. If you would like a late night photo session so that you can get your family, children or schedule situated, I do not mind. I prefer it! On weekends, unless I have a client, I am normally avaiable. See "Book Online" for more details.
Do you have props?
YES! I have a large variety of new props and backdrops for newborns, children under 2yrs old, and maternity. I love for my clients to bring sentimental items as well to use a props.
How far do you travel?
We service all areas between Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC without an extra charge. Other areas may require an additional charge.
What should I wear?
1. Solid colors work best.
2. Try to avoid logos or busy patterns. 
3.I would advise to stay away from solid white and solid black. Let your personality shine through!
4. Do not feel obligated to purchase something that you will not wear again. If you are a jeans and boots person, then by all means wear it!
5. For groups, coordinating your colors always looks good. Pick 2 colors and try to stay in that range.
6. Depending on the session type and location, I will often provide some ideas of what you could wear to really work the camera!
How do I prepare for my session? Start by completing the Session Questionnaire. This helps me get to know you and prepare a custom photo session for you!
NEWBORN: Make sure baby is fed and clean at least 30 minutes prior to session time. Turn up the heat (yes, the heat)! Your little one will be naked for a lot of the session time so we do not want them to lose too much body heat. 
BOUDOIR: Have your hair and make-up done prior to our session. DO NOT TRY ANYTHING NEW! Your comfort level will show in each photo so make sure that the style you choose is familiar to you.
FAMILY: Don't stress! Pick a time when you and your family are most refreshed (like after lunch or a nap). During the session, just focus on me, I will grab the attention of your little ones.